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Wild about wildflower turf

After several months our latest garden in Belsize Park is very nearly finished. The ‘Ecospace’ garden room looks great and we think it sits very nicely alongside the new pond. Surrounding the pond is a mini wildflower meadow. The specialist wildflower turf is supplied by our friends at 'Wildflower Turf' and we opted for their Wildflower Border Turf which has been developed by the company to provide a colourful, low maintenance and cost effective alternative to conventional garden flower beds. It is weed suppressing, easy to handle and delivers a colourful flowering environment. The border mix has been specifically designed to extend the flowering season with a variety of colour throughout the season. The turf is made up of 34 UK native wildflowers and grasses, with the addition of approximately 15 non-native perennial flowers. All of us here at TLA are huge fans, and look forward to the next project that can accommodate a wildflower meadow area… the bigger the better! garden room