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The Lake District

Last week Adam went up to visit our latest design challenge, which is to overhaul a garden in the Lake District overlooking lake Windermere. It is a beautiful location and we are very excited. The existing garden is a small slice of what was once a much larger garden designed by Thomas Hayton Mawson for Henry Martin, a wealthy Halifax manufacture. The gardens were consciously designed as an arboricultural museum. Sadly much of the wider garden is overgrown and falling into disrepair but it still exudes an enormous amount of charm and many of the original tress are still to be found scattered across the hillside. Walking through the gardens last week Adam imagined it was how it must have felt for Tim Smit and John Willis when they discovered the lost gardens of Heligan back in 1990!

Our brief is to update our clients' small section of the original garden, known as 'the spring garden', which includes a fabulous series of interlinked ponds that tumble down the hillside. It is a daunting challenge but one we are very much ready for!

Watch this space...

Garden Design by The Landscape Architect