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Patience is a virtue

We have just finished one of our longest running projects. It has been well worth the wait and everyone is delighted with the results. The site is in Belsize Park and the new garden was part of a wider scheme which included some major building work. We started work nearly two years ago as our client had the foresight to realise that doing the garden before the building works would mean that when they moved in to their new open plan living space they would have something beautiful to look out on to. This meant completing 80% of the garden in 2014 and then coming back this spring to fill in the last 20% immediately adjacent to the new extension. Whilst this has been a bit of a pain for everyone, getting on site before the building works gave us the chance to recycle various things that were going to be demolished which is a great benefit. So an old brick building has become a new brick path, and an old metal balcony has become a stunning surround for the pond. These old elements really help to balance out the beautiful new concrete planters and garden studio. The transition from formal terrace and lawn, to wildflower meadow and pond offers a different kind of balance that really helps the garden to feel as though it has always been there. BelAve8web