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Natural Inspiration

My new years resolution is to make more effort and write a blog post every week for the year. I hope I can keep it up and that you will all enjoy them. Happy New Year! Adam Week 1: Natural Inspiration.

Over the festive break I went to south Devon with my family and on New Year’s day we went for the most fantastic coastal walk. We joined the wild, wet and windy south coast path at Gara Rock and started walking west towards Salcombe. After an hour, soaked but still jolly, we reached Mill Bay which is nestled just below the hamlet of East Portlemouth. Walking inland towards the cafe for hot chocolate and chips we came across the most incredible collection of moss and fern covered stone walls I’ve ever seen. These natural examples of a living wall were so simple it was breathtaking. I found the minimal palette of plants, primarily harts tongue fern (Asplenium scolopendrium) and moss totally inspiring. I decided that if I can come even close to re-creating these natural walls then I will have learnt a valuable lesson, that maybe ‘less is more’.