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It’s still the holidays!

It’s still the holidays! Well, that’s not strictly true (but it feels like it).

Olive and Frankie started their new school, Blackawton Primary on Tuesday 2nd. Their old school (the much missed Coleridge in Crouch End) had over 900 children (120 per year) and Blackawton has 120 in the whole school. It’s a big change in so many ways, but so far so good. New friends are being made and everyone is making us feel very welcome. At the weekends we are in adventure mode, finding new places to explore and enjoy. East Portlemouth is a stunning spot. A golden strip of sand runs along the edge of the estuary as it opens out to the sea, with the town of Salcombe perched on the cliff edge opposite. This time of year it’s very wild and very windy, but that’s not going to stop us… however hats, scarves and gloves are essential.

In the ‘deep lanes’ of devon, the natural world is all around us, hard to ignore and apparently dormant. However, beneath the surface things are starting to stir. The first snow drops and primrose are opening and I’ve noticed some sheltered trees are already starting to blossom. January is the ‘dawn’ of the year and it’s time for my creativity to rise and shine.