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Great Dixter Springs Out

Great Dixter. For Adam this is quite simply the most wonderful garden in England. Head gardener Fergus Garrett continues to build on the inspirational work of the late Christopher Lloyd. A visit any time of the year is both interesting and inspiring. In Spring it feels like you can see the bones of the garden. This is fascinating as you can better see how the planting combinations are put together. The garden as a whole is an amazing balance of both formal and wild… with plants spilling over wonky paths and hedges that you can barley squeeze past. There are too many newts in the pond to count. Life is exploding in every direction. As you continue your journey, the underlying structure of the garden seems to disappear beneath the weight of all this activity, but it is still there, invisibly guiding you from one space to the next. It is a beguiling place, one of the wonders of the world… staggeringly beautiful. Dixter is indeed Great. GREAT_DIXTER_GARDEN_The_sunken_garden