Tapestry Vertical Gardens


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Week 15 - Dartmoor Last week I was in Devon with my family (week two of the Easter holidays) and it was fantastic. Walking on Dartmoor is always a pleasure and I often also find it quite humbling. As we start up the increasingly steep hill that climbs out of the picturesque village of Lustleigh you can’t help but notice the increasing numbers of amazing granite boulders slowly appearing from out of the undergrowth. Nearing the top of the long steady climb the woods slowly disappear, the sky grows wide and the view opens up. We stop for our picnic on top of the ridge among the ancient rocks and boulders that are known as ‘clitter’. The quiet stillness is water for the soul and the fresh air feels pure in my lungs. I am alive and I feel happy. My two children, Olive 9 and Frankie 7 follow in my footsteps and we all walk an impressive 7.5 miles. I’m delighted to share one of my favourite pastimes with them, and they seem to enjoy it too!