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From landscapes to living walls

In 2006 we launched a company called The Landscape Architect. The business was focussed on designing and installing contemporary gardens and landscapes. In 2008 we decided to include a living wall in the scheme for a roof terrace in Hackney. The client loved the concept so we set off to find suppliers. We couldn’t find anybody who offered what we wanted. It was all too dull, too functional, too evergreen, too rectangular, and too rigid. We wanted to track the gable end of a building and create an odd shaped triangular living wall. We wanted lots of colour and drama and seasonality. We wanted something that we could carry up a five floor building which didn’t have any lifts. We wanted something that was light enough to keep the structural engineers off our backs. 

In the end we decided to create the living wall ourselves. It took months and months of research along with a fair degree of trial and error. It was a sure-fire loss-leader but in the end everyone was delighted with the results. Over the subsequent decade, living walls featured in many of the gardens we designed and installed. With every new installation we were able to refine our system and style. During 2017 we started to appreciate how much we loved creating living walls. It was all that we really wanted to do. In the summer of 2018 we created our first three dimensional living wall with a set of living spheres for a scheme in Devon. As 2018 drew to a close we realised that we had not designed or installed a single garden during the year, let alone a landscape. Everything we had worked on had been a vertical garden. We realised it was time for a new company, with a new name. So welcome to Tapestry Vertical Gardens.

"Drama is the Answer"

A massive high five to Alex Mitchell and the Evening Standard for such a fantastic article in Homes & Property last week. It’s always nice to read about our living walls, but when I’m described as “London’s king of the living wall”… well, what can I say besides wow… I had no idea. One does find these things awfully amusing. It is amazing to get such positive feedback and I for one give it my royal seal of approval. Thank you very much.

In the news---Adam Shepherd
Grand Designs

It’s always nice to see our work in print, so thank you Andrea Manley for including some of our projects in your article on green roofs and living walls in this months issue of Grand Designs magazine. The article features an image from the very first wall I created in Hackney, London back in 2009 . The living wall was part of what turned out to be a pretty amazing roof garden that featured a glass bottomed pool, polished concrete fire pit and of course, the ultimate accessory, a fully stocked bar!

A bit on the side anyone?

Week 39 - A bit on the side anyone? A big thank you to Alex Mitchell for the great article she’s written in the Homes & Property section of the Evening Standard. According to Alex I’m the ‘go-to-man’ when it comes to transforming tight London spaces (with green walls). Honestly, I’m flattered.

Half way through the year

Week 26 - Half way through the year We’re half way through the year and what a year it is proving to be. I don’t think my little gardening blog is a place for discussing the more significant events that are occurring on what seems like a weekly basis at the moment, but I do want to express my sadness for my fellow Londoners effected by the recent tragic fire at Grenfell tower. Donate here if you so wish.


ELLE Decoration

We’re very pleased here at The Landscape Architect to see that we’ve been given a full page in the latest issue of the ELLE Decoration Directory. Being one of the only landscape specialists to be included in a guide to Britain’s best architects and interior designers is a great achievement for us. It is also nice to see that our new office buddies, Cassion Castle Architects, made the cut as well. Thanks again to all in the editorial team at Elle for their continued support! ELLE Decoration

In the news---Adam Shepherd
Garden Design Close Up

The Landscape Architect has made it into a book for the first time. We are very excited! Garden Design Close Up is a goldmine of inspiration for anyone wanting to give their garden a contemporary makeover. Showcasing 100 exceptional gardens from around the globe, this profusely illustrated book examines the key features of each design in close-up, photographic detail. With creations by leading British and international landscape architects, such as Dan Pearson, Anthony Paul and Martha Schwartz, Garden Design Close Up will delight all those who enjoy gardens, providing a detailed resource filled with creative ideas and practical advice from award-winning writer and designer Emma Reuss.

It really is a beautiful book and that's not just our opinion either...

‘A beautiful, engaging book … there is an intimacy about the write-up for each garden that is incredibly appealing … very succinct, interesting and knowledgeable … In the modern age where we want instant facts and gratification, this book is perfect. I have travelled the world, learned a lot and it has been totally engaging from start to finish. Honestly, I can’t see a reason not to buy this book’ Gardens Illustrated

Garden Design Close Up

Think big

Another month, another magazine. Following on from articles in Elle Decoration in June and LivingEtc in July, the September issue of Homes & Gardens features a piece on a lovely little garden we created last summer. We’re not really sure how long our luck’s going to last, but we’re happy whilst it does. homes&gardencover

What the Elle!?

Everyone here at TLA would like to thank Jackie Daly, the new ‘Homes’ Editor at Elle Decoration, for writing such a fantastic piece in the July issue. The article, about the roof garden we created in Hackney back in 2009, looks great but reads even better, so once again, a huge thank you. As most of our gardens are for private clients, it’s rare we get any feedback from a wider audience, so if you feel like popping out and getting yourself a copy, then it would be great if you could let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you. Elle Decoration

Blazing a trail

Over the weekend Adam came across this article by Lucy Masters. He has not stopped talking about it all week. There is so much to disagree with and some of the ranting is really quite amusing. One thing is for sure though, we are convinced that living green walls and roof gardens need to be a central part of the urban garden future. After all, as housing density increases further the only solution for maintaining a decent proportion of green space is to move vertically! The fact that they also look stunning is an added benefit as can be seen in the example below taken from a garden we designed and installed in Lewis. Living Green Wall

In the news---Adam Shepherd
Earth as art

Over the last few months we have been working with Ryan Gander on a very interesting project to create an earthworks. Ryan's concept is brilliant and we are extremely excited to be helping him work out how to make it a reality - moving 600 tons of soil is going to be a lot of fun! We should be able to share more details by the end of October so watch this space... ryan

Award winning

Today we are delighted to have been awarded one of the Top Ten Garden Designs of 2011 by The Society Of Garden Designers. Each year the Garden Design Journal selects what they consider to be the 'very best examples of innovation, creativity and talent in garden design'. This year a record 61 entries were received for their Review of the Year and we are very pleased to say that one of our designs, a garden in Belsize Park, London, has been included in the 2011 top ten. Please see the article below.

Click here to visit the Society Of Garden Designers website