Tapestry Vertical Gardens


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The biggest garden of them all

It is interesting where the inspiration for new ideas can come from. We rarely feel the need to join the masses at the Chelsea flower show and gaze longingly at the 'fabulous' show gardens. Nor do we feel the pull to make a pilgrimage like journey in order to pay our respects at any of the 'famous' country gardens created decades ago. Instead we tend to find inspiration in the biggest garden of all, the wilds of our countryside (or more usually coastline). Huge waves, wild rivers and driving rain all heighten the senses. The noise of all this 'nature' is music to the ears. The sun shines, the clouds gather and it rains again. You scramble up a muddy hill, over wooden stiles, down paths, across bridges, through wooded valleys. Then you come across the most amazing dry stone wall, almost organically growing from a boulder field. There are new ideas everywhere. It's inspiring. Inspiration for garden design