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Another Place

Last week, on his way home from a trip to Ardfern on the west coast of Scotland, Adam stopped with his family to take a look at "Another Place", a piece of modern sculpture by Antony Gormley. It consists of 100 cast iron sculptures of the artist’s own body, facing towards the sea. As the tides ebb and flow, the figures are revealed and submerged by the sea. Another Place is a subject of local controversy in Merseyside and in October 2006 the local council refused to give permission for the statues to stay, prompting Gormley to criticise what he called Britain’s “risk-averse culture." He said “When I have been down on the beach myself, the majority of people have been intrigued, amused and sometimes very moved.”

As of March 2007 permission was granted to have Another Place permanently installed on the beach at Crosby. We think this was the right decision as the figures are not only beautiful, but intriguing, powerful and utterly original. There’s not a great deal of ‘accessible to all’ art in this country and Adam and his children are very pleased that they have remained in situ. They are truly inspirational and if you find yourself passing en route to Scotland we recommend a visit.

Anotehr Place