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Acer palmatum

Week 9 - Planting an Acer palmatum It’s always fun planting trees, but when I have the opportunity to plant a 4 ton, 6m high Acer palmatum it’s not just fun but exhilarating, terrifying, difficult, heart stopping, exciting and… did I say terrifying already?

A tree this size is too big to pick up by yourself. It’s too big to push around. It’s too big to argue with. You can’t send it back. You can’t leave it on the side of the road. Ultimately you know you have to pick it up… and once you do, you definitely don’t want to drop it.

Clearly the only thing you can do (besides paying it huge respect for being so damn big and beautiful) is get a 20 ton crane to pick it up for you and drop it into a large hole. Then you stand back and breath a huge sigh of relief. Thank you Deepdale trees for supplying such a wonderful tree, to Justin and his team from AKA crane hire for all their help, to the weather for being kind to us, and to our client Neil for letting us plant such a fantastic tree in his garden. Judging from this photo he certainly seemed to enjoy watching the drama unfold. This week we shall return to start the underplanting and I can’t wait. Lets hope that all goes as smoothly.