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It's showtime!

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark, it’s January.

But we’re not feeling down, we’re hitting the January blues head on.

We’ve teamed up with Devon based home and lifestyle brand Nkuku, supplying them with a living wall and three of our living spheres to adorn their show stand. And what a stand it is going to be. A huge Cot-ten steel glassless greenhouse. With it’s rusty industrial vibe, sparkling green spheres and towering living wall.

So the time arrived and last week we travelled to London for the ‘Top Drawer’ trade show in Olympia. We helped set up, prepared ourselves, then stood back and watched the crowds pour in. And we smiled. And we chatted. It was busy. It was our first trade show and we were impressed. It felt positive.

Then we travelled to Paris to Maison et Objet and we were blown away! Several aircraft hangers of the most fabulous brands from across Europe. I took as many business cards and promotional postcards as I could carry onto the plane. I returned with not a single one of my business cards but a bulging pocket of other peoples. So we smiled, and we chatted. It was very very busy. It was our second trade show and we were very very impressed. It felt amazing. I hope we will be back in September.

People seemed to like our living wall and hanging hydroponic spheres.

Now I’m sitting at my laptop emailing possible future clients and hoping one of them might say… Qui.

trade show sphere.jpg
William Keast-Butler